Makes your construction site to a safer place

Side protection, posts and barriers conforming EN 13374, stairways and passerelles from TAMMET Systems in Iserlohn. We evolve, test, produce and market safety on construction sites and the work at height. Besides our TAMMET Systems side protection analogue to EN 13374, we offer a wide range of access solutions too. For example stairways conforming EN 12811 in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 step formats, as required the 30 step stairway is also available, passerelles made of plastic in different length between 170 cm and 600 cm, birdcage scaffolds, mobile scaffold towers, room scaffolds and roll scaffolds, Alsipercha Fallfactor 0 protection systems conforming EN795, catch fans conforming EN 1263. We market and rent also second-hand Combisafe products like the Combisafe barrier 3203, the Combisafe posts 1140 and 2000, as well as the Combisafe multi clamp 1550 and the Combisafe steel beams multi clamp 1555. Moreover we offer for our Tammet Systems products, Alsipercha products and available Combisafe products extensive possibilities for preparation, storage and mounting.

Tammet Systems International GmbH

In 2010 Gunnar Monheimius was the co-founder of the Tammet Systems International GmbH in Iserlohn. From summer 2010 Tammet Systems evolves, located in Langer Brauck, side protection systems and access solutions, first for the construction industry, but increasingly also for customers from the foundry industry and the engineering industry. After a successful start, in 2013 the share capital was increased and they moved into another office building (1000m2). In the end of 2014 Tammet Systems International GmbH became a member of the TCT Tesic GmbH, a global leading service & market company for second-hand foundry systems. As member of the TCT Tesic group in future we will be able to respond faster to your requirements, no matter if you come from the construction, foundry or engineering industry.

What is more?

Construction site safety, EN 13374, EN 795, EN 12811, EN 1263, second-hand Combisafe, Alsipercha, Sigeko, Fasi, height protection equipment, BG, delivery in time – if these are your themes and questions then ask us – we like to help you!

And then?

Before the game is after the game – your construction project draws to a close – we handle the return transport, the preparation, we test and store – whether Tammet Systems products, second-hand Combisafe, Alsipercha or others.